Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Unlike my slow self these days, I bathed quick, ate my medicines, food be damned and ran out of the house.

Managed to reach the theatre with minutes to spare. But what do i find? Kids/senior citizens and the general public. The mall was full! Didn't anyone have a job? I'd arrived on mad house Tuesday. Never, never, never, promise me, never, go for a movie to Inorbit, Malad, on a Tuesday. Apparently, if you sms Vodafone you get a ticket free for every ticket you buy. I was squeezed into a queue with kids holding two mobiles and trying to buy their friends and moms tickets. Offer not valid for those watching movies on their own, sadly.

Worse, I had a senior citizen leaning on me. He made every effort to touch, even with my bag wedged between us.

At the counter I could stand it no longer. I pushed him back and told him to give me some space. I bought my ticket and rushed in. I was annoyed and irritated. Later I asked myself why, as this is something that happens all the time. Should have sprouted rhino skin by now. Then I remembered a school friend, who'd have probably asked me if he should have been younger.

Chennai was bliss. Lived there a couple of years in my early 30s... and no one wanted to touch me!

While waiting, I wondered about the line up -- Iron Man 3,  in 2D or 3D, Shootout in Wadala (a definite maybe), Bombay Talkies (maybe), Aashiqui (NO), and seeing the silent trailer of a new movie on Gippi. It's about a chubby girl who suddenly becomes hip, after years of being sidelined. It's a Karan Johar product and I may end up seeing it when it releases.

Saw Mud, eventually. And it was mud. I'm glad I did not drag the spouse to watch it. Since there was no action in it, save at the end, he may have cursed me for it.

I don't know if it was the little boys that did it, or the lousy role Reese Witherspoon had. I didn't even stare at Mathew's muscled body. But, i wondered how he didn't get gas eating only canned beans. And where did that endless supply of cigarettes come from? The boys weren't buying it for him. Director, cut? He re-engineered (better than new) a motor-less boat. All by someone who may not have gone to school, or even taken a calculator apart. I'm not even sure what engine he's had experience with. It didn't come up. How did his shirt stay so clean. Where did the writing pad and pen come from? Aha!

The plot? You will have to watch it for yourselves.

What did I eat? Breadtalk stuff again... apple weem, creamy chicken, and a couple of others. But, my heart and mind were focused on the shawarma sandwich at Maroosh. Maybe next time. And after watching Matthew McConaughey, I'm wondering if a gassy can of beans might have been fun!

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