Sunday, 5 May 2013


10 Jan 2013

So today, after a week of working from home, I decided I had to make it more professional by wearing my watch and gold bangle.
An overriding fear… that I will forget what the outside world will look like, is up to, etc. etc.

I was thinking more of how I’d emerge into the world, not having tweezed my beard, hennaed my hair and pairing a nice top with some stained but comfortable pyjamas - a salwar to an Indian woman.
I’m bored to death with the lack of contact with other co-workers, find the watch too heavy on my hand, and have given up changing my earrings, my only effort at being feminine.

I’m also exchanging sad emails with colleagues, have just read Nick Clegg has a onesie on the Telegraph. That bit of news is telling. What has become of journalism when the scribes are obsessed by the Deputy PM’s choice of inner wear. Btw, I had to look up ‘onesie’ J
I’m worried, that I started the year this way. It’s going to be just as boring every other day! I’m still not going to attempt a resolution!

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