Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wine and carrots

Thinking of squeezing wine-making between the end of work and start of sleep. roughly an hour. that gives me time to eat, chat with the other half, watch a little tv, freshen up. i've already washed the containers (plasticky make-believe wine barrels, hehehe) and left them out to dry. hoping my mind will go on autopilot and i will be able to finish in good time.

i've also got a kilo of carrots i don't know what to do with. at first i thought, try the same evil pickle i used the kg of lemons for. but a friend found out i was trying to squeeze some boiled carrots into the already-made lemon pickle. i though it would do away with the sourness, and be the pickle of my heart... carrots and lemons doing a packed-like-sardines act. but the friend insisted i try a carrot kheer instead, which sounds simple. oops, i just went to the local hyper-market and forgot to buy the condensed milk. let's see. i'll improvise. or not at all. really doubtful.

the other idea i had today was to use the carrots to make wine. it's sweet, i doubt it will become sour like the orange and chikoo wines did. perhaps i should try a small batch.

i was at the hyper-market to do some time pass. and someone made away with my trolley. two women... who were shocked to know they'd taken my cart. at the counter i realised they'd also kept my deodorant. so i had to grab my things off the counter, locate the deo shelf and return.

i wanted to start reading my book. but one thing led to the other. and i ended up watching the end of Law & Order and the beginning and bits of Mad Men. I hated this show at first.  but now it has 'piqued' my interest. especially Ms Olsen.

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