Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Books and The Croods

Hot hot hot day today!

I went to the doctor... only to have the same helpless feeling I always do.

He prescribed me and mom some reaaaaalllllly expensive medicine.

I'm always itching to ask him to prescribe something reasonable, or not at all. Better still, something really cheap. But perhaps, I'd be dead by then.

Well... that's what it is -- a luxury to be sick these days.

I even peeped into the poor box to see if any of my medicines had been tossed in. and then turned myself away. Shameless. I haven't come to that. Yet.
And I struggled home. with Mom and extra human in tow.

And still felt bad my life felt a mess. I blame the heat.

So chatted with husband, and as luck would have it, he told me to grab my bag and rush to the theatre.

I did. how often does someone close to you tell you something you'd like to hear.
I got to the counter at 3.24pm, for the 3.30pm movie. The movie, The Croods, not so great, but I did laugh in spots. And had breakfast at 6pm. Probably the best part of the day. Excellent stuff. Some sort of sausage and cheese and apple weem. All of which is probably coursing through my heart, packing the arteries with fat and sugar. 

Found out that Crossword had a children's books sale. I'd carried along my Diwali coupons (it's April and Diwali was in October-November. Fish say I'm slow) and bought some books... for the kiddies who will bother me for birthday presents this year. Though they are going to be most unhappy at what i got them. books and magnetic bookmarks. i was kicked by the idea of it. i even saw a torch one mounts on a page to read at night. almost bought that. interesting stuff though. i saw a Thor comic, Tintins etc etc. brought back childhood memories. how different they are from this generation's book/comic-reading memories. i remember seeing women warriors with exposed breasts in a Hercules and his 12 labours book. i wonder who was titillated more, the boy it was bought for or me.
I bought Jeffrey Archer's latest Clifton saga book. can't remember the name. but i keep thinking his themes are recurring. the books go so quickly, but you wonder why it seems familiar. in any case, he pleases me.

Returned home. to a furnace. so hot. so reluctant was i to enter home i went to my sister in law's place. only to find it hotter. made her give me a glass of kokum juice, massage my legs and kidneys (just kidding), looked into her fish tank to see if i could spot the pair of shrimps. Couldn't see them.

Dull day, right?

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