Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Typical day

Read the newspaper.
not end to end.

filled ink into a dissipated malfunctioning pen. It's not a bad sort. just having a crustified-ink day.

it has been malfunctioning and my heart has been doing a bit of moue. what are the other options if this one dies.
while biting my fingers, wondering why the soap couldn't get rid of the egg yolk smell. strange how the scent of sausage didn't stick.
would you wear sausage perfume?

had two eggs today. some sausages.

while eating them, all i could think of was my recent blood test.

wondered how much my two recent eggs and several pork salamis would frustrate expectations that the doctor might have.... if he ordered me to have another blood test tomorrow. Plus i had a tang. i remember having a bottle of tang two days before my last blood test. can the sugar hide in my blood for so long? i haven't been running around in the nearby garden for some days. i meant walk. i can't run.

why am i behaving this way. i've grown up with diabetics. eaten the heart patient diet. but i'm annoyed i won't be able to eat cheese occasionally or butter. which really was occasional.

i don't want to eat unhappily for the rest of my life. especially having to look at food blogs and all the heavenly pictures. truly, i've never manufactured anything that looks so good in my kitchen. is it the camera, photograph. or photoshop. or maybe the doily and lighting.


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