Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Speaking of pregnancies

At our friend's place, we noticed the discus (a breed of ornamental fish) were laying eggs. At first we thought they were unwell. Three fish kept hugging the corner of the tank. The owner of the fish showed me which was the male. I realised all our fish were females. And I've got an ardent admirer in my fish tank. Thought it was male, but now I know it's not. And I'm not sure if one is still discovering it's sexuality.

At first I did not think much of fish. We didn't share a wavelength. Until we got ours and I started noticing them and their quirks. And I developed a liking for one particular fish. He/she waits for me in the corner of the tank, bites the others if they come to me for a petting, and isn't afraid.

I pet them everyday... and I'm wondering is there more to this.

The egg laying session at the friend's tank had me showing the kids where the eggs were coming from... the owner's wife found it disgusting. It was all new to me. The eggs will probably be eaten, eventually. We'd lost some of our fish to the breeder's urge to have several new frys... is that the correct word?

But in the process, we lost several of our fish. I'm a little upset when he takes them away, because the few occasions we've had new fish given to us by others, they usually never get used to us. They are always wary. And of course, they die. Faster with the fish breeder.

We recently lost two fish because the oxygen machine gave way at night, while we were asleep. It was hard. One of the fish that died was from our first batch of fish in 2009. Just before my mom broke her hip and things were never the same.

We'd called that fish Sandra. Now I know George is not really a boy and I should perhaps be trying to call him/her Georgina. Likewise for Obama and the Nawab. The husband tells me that fish breeder tried to make the Nawab have a family, but apparently wasn't co-operative. As was the other fish that was taken from our tank. He came back big and bulky, but now i realise he wasn't a male.


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