Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Three movies

I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel today. I'd wanted to see the movie for a very long time, but even i was surprised that i had something to smile at in the end. It was better than i expected.

It has been a string of movies for me this week. I saw Lunch Box at Infinity Malad on a weekday last week. I've been trying to catch movies in the early part of the day, the tickets are cheaper then, but have been finding it tough to get out early. I'm usually in a rush, managing the entry and exits of the maids, my bath and breakfast, all at one go. Husband says that after my mum died, I'm even willing to let the maids in when I'm not at home. Don't have a choice. The dust doesn't respond to magic.

Well the movie was quite moving. It hammered in that i was growing older. I felt old. My friend Mala meets me and tells me I've grown old. When did this happen. How? I was always determined to feel like a child. When did I start feeling like a +40-year old. Is it bad? Will it kill? I'm hoping to overcome this affliction, perhaps it's just me. But I've been realising i have no friends... they are all virtual and not quite there. They are bogged down, busy, far away. I'm wondering that if I retire soon, I may want to die early.

The funny thing about the movies is that I want to see them. I find myself trying to get out the door and in time for the movies, almost like an appointment. everything else can wait.

The dull weeks are the ones that don't have a movie I'm interested in. The mall has started boring me. Including the bookstore.

The movie moved well. Surprisingly for a Hindi movie. Sometimes there are uncomfortable spaces and pauses. Facts that don't meld. Nimrat Kaur was good. I was discussing this with Sra and we found her responses to Sajjan very much spot on. We could almost feel the anticipation when she was preparing to meet him. I just don't understand why she needs to smell the clothes she has to wash everyday. Anyone?

The theatre was full that day. but i had to listen to an inaudible but noisy commentary from the couple next to me. The boy sat next to me and poked me several times in the chest... until I shoved his elbow off and he apologised. The other young man wanted to sit on my lap. When i described the two to my husband, he scolded me for not sitting in an aisle seat. Really, what was I thinking. I should have held on tight to the chap on the right and continuously elbowed the one on the left. It will probably improve the movie experience for me. depending on how heavy the fellow on the right is, of course.

The Prisoners. The theatre was empty. It now fills me with a little fear to enter such a theatre. Especially if i spy one lone man sitting in the last row. For the first 10 minutes I'm wondering if I'll be tackled from the back or the side. How will i fend someone off if I'm too busy tucking into popcorn or a cold drink. Maybe i can freeze his nose off with all the ice cubes noisily swimming in the coke. And then there were more people walking in... but no women. sigh.

Anyway, this was good too. In a very different way. And a hanging end. When you watch the movie, you'll know what I mean.

And today The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which made me wonder why Indians sound so bad in foreign movies and even in the interests of authenticity their accents never seem to be researched or genuine. I left it feeling that there was hope when one becomes older. It might be different.

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