Friday, 22 May 2015

Saturday, Piku, Bombay Velvet, a surprise birthday party

After  a drought of good movies, some good ones came to Mumbai in a rush. I was lucky to catch one.
The first was Piku. Nicely
done. The anxieties of an ageing parent and the frustrations of a carer. I could empathise. I think the movie's a hit.

And on Saturday I tried to catch 'Playing it cool'. The show was cancelled. So I sadly bought a ticket for Bombay Velvet. I yawned and toyed with the idea of leaving, but had paid Rs300 for the ticket. Stiff. So I dreamt a little, saw popcorn jumping hoops and cold drinks running toward me with arms outstretched.

The guy on my right thought it was boring and rued the waste of Rs300 to a friend on the phone at the interval.

The two kooks on the left couldn't stop commenting.  I think they were hoping for racy, but the movie fell short.

After which I was late for a friend's 50th birthday party, which was smashing. Lots of noisy kids, alleviated by a wicked game that involved blowing balloons and bursting them by sitting on them. Harder than one can imagine.

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