Friday, 24 April 2015

Break at Kihim

Early this month some friends of ours, their families and we caught the ferry and went to my sister-in-law's beach house in Kihim, just outside Mumbai.
It was riotous and very enjoyable, if one ignores the itch I developed after returning.
The lane behind the house. All very picturesque. 

 'Flying Penguins' following our ferry. People held out biscuits and chivda hoping they'd swoop down and eat out of their hands. I saw one seagull sitting on the top of the ferry and enjoying the breeze.
Sisters, S and K, checking out their early morning beachside selife (12 April 2015).
 Love apples. Stolen from next door. Plenty of mangoes on nearby trees...all still hanging where we left them.
 My first evening at the beach, alone. (11 April 2015)
 Walking on the little lane toward Kihim beach.
A rooster and his family. 

They saw sand for the first time.

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